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Need that top shelf on DatPiff ?  We got you covered .

ATTENTION : DatPiff has recently made changes and are banning Entire Accounts if Streams are not matching Downloads and Views in the proper ratios . Here’s an Example of a mixtape with a normal  4/1/2 Ratio . Because of the difficulty in providing real streams to your mixtapes , very few Datpiff promoters can offer Streams in this quantity . We Do !


This is  A Normal Ratio for a mixtape .  Views/Streams/Downloads = 4/1/2 ratios are what we offer to insure 100% safe promotions .We work your mixtape in such a way that our promotions look 100% real . In addition , We give you free C0mments and 5 star ratings with every order .

Launch Your Mixtape the way the Majors do , Buy Promogoons DatPiff Awards Today .

Bronze Award- $199

Silver Award – #399

Gold Award- $799

Full Disclosure Disclaimer :

We are not affiliated in any way with datpiff.com or Idle Media ,Inc . We offer services to help increase your exposure on  datpiff.com . We guarantee delivery of services offered for your mixtape . However ,there are risks involved in buying any online services/promotions including , but not limited to, datpiff.com . Those risks are covered here . Smaller orders (less than 10,000 streams , downloads ,or views ) are almost universally ignored by the staff at datpiff.com . However , by ordering more than 10,000 streams, downloads or views , or an Award promotion on your hot new mixtape , this creates the risk of being noticed by the datpiff staff . Datpiff can and does remove mixtapes and or accounts from their site for using outside promotions . We are quite successful at staying under their review process and we go slow to stretch the time of completion to not more than 45 days on larger orders to avoid detection and maintain a higher success rate . We are not 100% perfect .Sometimes , a tape gets pulled down and thats the nature of the beast .In the event your tape is removed , we will re-upload and sponsor the tape for you under a new account , and completely redo the work on the new mixtape , free of charge . When purchasing a larger order understand : You are SHARING THE RISK WITH US . We do not offer refunds on these larger datpiff promotions but we will work with you to re-establish your indentity , brands and or products on datpiff.com .

More Info : Dave – 678 508 2941

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